Come With Me: To A Friend's House

Hey guys. 

This is the first time I'm making a Come With Me/Spend the Day With Me post. 
So lets get right into this!

First: I wake up. Just like everyone else. 

Time for a shower!!

Shower done!

Let's do something with this hair.

Hair, clothes and makeup: DONE!

I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!!! Black or White??

Time to hit the road!!

I get to my friend's house. This bitch is SLEEP. -__-

She's sleep. I might as well check out my blog stats.

She's awake now! Time to start getting ready!

Friends have arrived!! Lets go for a walk you guys!

Time for the party!..... and food ^_^

Hey, check out this tree...

They played Gangnam Style....

Aren't you guys a little old to be playing in the bouncy house??

Last mission of the night....POST ALL THE FUN TO INSTAGRAM! XD

My First Event!

To celebrate the success this blog has gotten just after its first day of being active, I will be doing a Hangout party on Google Hangouts. 

This will also be a bit of a debut party for Sweet Dejection in itself. It will just be me hanging out with my friends and followers on Google Hangouts. 

This will take place on Wednesday July 23rd, 2014 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. 

Be sure to follow me on Google+ so that you can get into the event.

I hope to see you there!

My Standards Are Too High?

Hey guys. I'm back. I have a question for all my fellow single peoples out there. 
Whether single by choice or nah, how do you feel about this whole looking for someone ordeal? 

Let me tell you where my question stems from. I've been single for about 5 months and even so, that relationship in itself was really short. It was no longer than a month. Also, that one relationship was the ONLY relationship I've ever been in. I feel like I've hardened a lot from going through the 'actively looking' stage in my life. I've definitely have raised my standards and realized that its ok to have them as long as they're on a reasonable level. But the amount of just wrong people that I've encountered on my journey to find a significant other is crazy and I was wandering if it was just me.

Now, I believe I'm a decent looking person, and yes, looks don't mean everything, but humans are visual creatures and are attracted to people that stimulate them visually.We all know it's true and you can say "I don't care about looks, its all about personality." and though you may look for personality as a main factor in choosing who you deal with, you know you're a damn lie saying you don't care about looks.

Anyways (i got off topic a little >.<) I believe I'm a decent looking person and though you can't please everyone, I think I have a really nice personality as well. In the end, I love myself and I wish I existed in a self outside of myself so that i could date myself because I would date the shit out of myself. (I got off topic again.)

My question is, are my standards too high?

Things I Require in a S/O:

  1. Intelligent. - I'm a sapiosexual person (meaning of Sapiosexual is HERE) and I love intelligent people. The smarter the better in my eyes. You don't have to be mega smart, basic education and common sense is really all I ask for.
  2. Sense of Humor. - I like to laugh. Is that a crime?
  3. Good Taste in Music. - Music is my life and soul and though we can go back and forth on 'what is good music?' I'm at the point where I just want someone who doesn't listen to ICP and those alike.
  4. Taller than me. - This requirement I'm a bit loose on because I am so tall (I'm 6 ft tall, or 183 cm).
  5. Shared Interests. - I'm into a lot of things, as so my s/o should be as well. I don't need them to be into EVERYTHING I'm into (in fact, I'd prefer them not to be) but just a couple shared interests would be nice.

So tell it to me straight you guys. Am I asking for too much? 

Leave a comment on my Tumblr tell me some of the things you require when looking for that special someone.


Get Rich Quick Schemes

Ok guys. I am not going to lie. Life is hard. And it gets even harder after you become an adult. I'm only 19, but I feel like I've felt some of the harder times of life after high school. Right now I'm currently unemployed and I'll be moving out of my parent's house in about 2 months. I know what you're thinking, "How on earth are you going to move out without a job?!" Let me tell you that I'm thinking the same thing. I'll be leaving for college, but because the dorms at said college are a lottery type thing, me and my friend decided to get an apartment together. This is where the problem begins. She has a job, I do not. Which means, she has money and I don't. 

Do you get where I'm going with this?

Of course she doesn't want to pay for everything herself. We're hoping to use our student loans to help pay for the apartment (something I'm not into but it has to be done considering we're both practically broke). 

Long story short, I'm in line for a job, I have an interview this coming week, I'm pretty damn sure I will get this job, but, I still need money for the time being. I hate being broke like this. I hate worrying over something like this. I've been worrying over money for the last 3 months and it's really starting to get old. I'm so stressed out over this entire situation.

Now, before you ask, NO, I am NOT asking you to give me money, nor am I saying I'm opening up a gofundme or something like that, because I'm not. People have better things to do with their money than donate to a random chick on the internet trying to go to college. There's bigger causes you can donate to. 

I'm just venting. 



So, we'd figure we'd let everyone know about this. EunDorii is a Kpop/Jpop/Cpop/Jrock/Asian culture blog/website thing we (Eunmi and Oodorii) were making. We're still in the process of making it, but we think it'd be good to tell you guys about it now so you can anticipate it's debut. HERE's a link the the site so you can check out what we have done so far and see it change and develop. You can also send us mail on the site (The only page we have up right now is our contact page =P) We'd like for you to help us develop the site with your ideas and such so be sure to send us tons of mail. Ok. Thats it for now. Bye Bye!

- Eunmi and Oodorii ♥